Beirut & Beyond | Tour
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Beirut & Beyond Tour

BBIMF’s developing international partnerships, starting with founding partner Oslo World Music Festival has extensively allowed the growth of BBIMF tour, evolving into a blueprint for international collaborations. Every year, a Beirut & Beyond line up comprising two-three Arab acts tours Europe including a special appearance within the Oslo World in November. Previous editions have presented artists such as: Al Sarah & the Nubatones, Kamilya Jubran, Maurice Louca, Hello Psychaleppo and others.

Beirut & Beyond Tour 2017

BBIMF Tour 2017

In line with Beirut & Beyond’s belief in regional talents and the importance of providing opportunities to present them to the largest audiences, this year’s BBIMF European tour kicks off on October 24 and until November 4 with ‘Kinematik’ & ‘The Great Departed’ who will take the stage in various venues across the Netherlands, France, Norway, Switzerland and the UK.

BBIMF 2017 tour partners

Oslo World Music Festival (Norway), Institut du Monde Arabe Paris (France), Théâtre de la Ville Paris (France), Art Link (Switzerland), Monto Pinto (Netherlands), Rich Mix (UK), Arts Canteen (UK), Shubbak Festival (UK).

BBIMF Tour 2017 Line up

Following BBIMF 2016 “Meet the artist” – a session within BBIMF professional programme allowing upcoming artists to meet with and present their work to local and international festival directors, producers, record label owners – two bands were selected to go on BBIMF 2017 tour.

More info & Ticketing:

Kinematik (photo by Patrick Mouzawak)
Photo credit: Patrick Mouzawak

Composed of four musicians and a visual artist, Kinematik is an instrumental rock band from Lebanon, whose music blends elements of 70’s psychedelia, progressive rock and post-rock.
Kinematik’s rock sound is both diligent and intuitional, ranging from raucous improvisational psychedelic rock to steady and mechanical electronic grooves, with frequent post-rock climaxes. Immediate points of comparison include Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Loop, as well as Can (for the tendency towards Motorik beats) and Tortoise (for the intricacies of their layered compositions). Kinematik composes instrumental pieces that feature dynamic contrast, strong melodic lines, a heavy use of distortion and effects, and some reliance on electronics and synthesizers.

The Great Departed (photo by Lara Nohra)
Photo credit: Lara Nohra
The Great Departed

The Great Departed was founded in 2013 and it consists of the music composer Khaled Soubeih and Solo Singers Firas Andary and Sandy Chamoun, as well as the Oud player Imad Hashisho, the Buzuq player Abed Kobaissy and the percussionist Ali El Hout.
The Great Departed band tries to originate a new course differing from the members’ usual projects. And so, the band’s goal has become to explore new musical and lyrical paths, all while keeping their own personal oriental music repertoires as inspiration.
The band’s first album is titled “La Bombe”, also a title for the shows performed at Metro Al Madina which have received great feedback for over two years. This album’s most noticeable trait is the political and social satire present in almost every song.