Beirut & Beyond | BBIMF 2017 Professional Program
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BBIMF 2017 Professional Program

As a platform for meetings and exchange, BBIMF encourages networking to sow the seeds for collaboration. For its 2017 edition, BBIMF proposes a program for local and international professionals (Festival directors, curators, venue directors, producers, record label owners, managers, bookers…) allowing them to discover the artists and professionals who are currently shaping the music scene in the Arab region.


DISCUSSION I [16.00-17.30] – Public | Language: English


Touring in today’s world

Some of the greatest art may be art which we will never be able to see or present. Restrictions on touring and dissemination of artistic work have always existed and the cultural sector has been trying to find solutions for decades. Today, with ever tightening resources, taking an artistic project on tour never seemed more expensive, to say the least. How can we, as festivals, local and international support organisations and artists, work to ensure that valuable art produced elsewhere gets the chance to reach a wider audience? What common tools and techniques can we utilise to counter the effects of challenging border conditions? And how is our focus on international markets affecting the development (or lack thereof) of local/national touring circuits?

ARTIST TALK [18.00-19.00] – Public | Language: Arabic


Talking Music with Yasmine Hamdan


Moderated by Pierre Abi saab | In partnership with Dar el Nimer

BBIMF proposes itself as a platform that allows a different discovery of the artists. This conversation between Yasmine Hamdan and Pierre Abi Saab is an invitation to immerse in Yasmine’s relationship with music and its past, present and future transformations.


MEET THE ARTISTS [11.00-14.00] – For registered professionals only

In 2016, ten artists were selected for this session and two of them (Kinematik and the Great Departed) became part of BBIMF tour 2017, enchanting audiences across Switzerland, France, Norway, UK and Holland. BBIMF, this year, continues to confirm its commitment to emerging projects of great artistic quality and selects 12 artists from across the Arab region to have short meetings with visiting professionals. The meetings aim to present upcoming projects and discuss possibilities of local and international collaboration.

BBIMF 2017 selection:
Adham Zidan (EG), Alko B (LB), Chereen Abdo (EG), AryJan – Ary Sarhan (SY), Flugen – Maya Aghniadis (LB), KHOUM (LB), Liliane Chlela (LB), Makram Aboul Hosn (LB), Massar Egbary – Ayman Massoud (EG), Postcards (LB), Random House (JO), Telepoetic (EG)

DISCUSSION II [16.00-17.30] – Public | Language: English

Music Festivals: recipes for success

There’s a story behind every festival; whether it starts by “coincidence” or as a manifestation of an elaborate public policy. Festivals also continuously evolve, expand and transform. One thing most international music festivals agree upon is that everything is about trial and error and that every edition is a learning curve. This session aims to present some success stories, tips and tricks of what has been tested and worked for festivals of various scales and in different countries.