Beirut & Beyond | Dina el Wedidi
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Dina el Wedidi

With her powerful, nuanced voice and authentic style, Egyptian singer and composer Dina El Wedidi has spent the past six years carving out her place in the Egyptian music scene. While studying oriental languages at the University of Cairo, Dina joined El Warsha Theatre Troupe, exploring Egyptian folklore and performing in such unlikely places as a Cairo prison. In 2011, she formed her own band and became one of the first members of the Nile Project, a project in collaboration with musicians from all of the Nile Countries, with touring through East Africa and the US. In 2012, Dina became a Rolex Program award winner mentored by legendary Brazilian songwriter Gilberto Gil. In 2013, they performed together at the Cairo Jazz Festival, and he advised her on her debut album Turning Back (Tedawar W’Tergaa), guest performing on the song “El Leil”. Dina also performed at TEDGlobal in Scotland, participated in workshops with Grammy award winner Fathy Salama, Kamilya Jubran, and has worked with the Mazaher Ensemble in Cairo. She has performed throughout the Arab region and Europe.