Beirut & Beyond | Speed Caravan
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Speed Caravan

Thursday 8 December 2016 @ 10:00PM | Metro Al Madina

If you’ve never regarded the oud as a rock’n’roll instrument, then you’ve clearly never heard the frenetic and joyous playing of Mehdi Haddab! Once part of Parisian-based global electronic trio Ekova and experimental oud duo DuOud, Haddab created Speed Caravan in 2008 with bassist Pascal “Pasco” Teillet, keyboard player Hermione Frank and percussionist/vocalist Mohamed Bouamar. The band is an ethnic fusion collaboration that references in equal measure The Cure and The Chemical Brothers alongside Algerian Rai and other Arabic influences, in a glorious collision of global sounds and styles. Speed Caravan is famed for its electrifying, high-energy stage performances.