Beirut & Beyond | Love & Revenge
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Love & Revenge – La Mirza and Rayess Bek

Sunday 11 December 2016 @10:00PM | Station

“Love and Revenge” is the project of Lebanese hip-hop pioneer and Beirut & Beyond 2016 curator Rayess Bek and visual artist Randa Mirza. It is a musical reflection on identity and dual culture, aiming to give a second life to old Arabic popular songs and movies, by adapting them to the patterns and aesthetics of modern music. Influenced by the writings of Edward Said and Amin Maalouf on identity, “Love and Revenge” consists of the meeting of two hermetically sealed universes, the fractured beats of Western electronic production and the traditional folk music of the Orient. The goal of this creation is to introduce traditional Arabic music to a new audience, whether Arab-speaking or not, as well as to a new generation of young listeners.