Beirut & Beyond | Latlateh & Chyno X Al Rajul Al Hadidi
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Latlateh & Chyno X Al Rajul Al Hadidi

Saturday 10 December 2016 @8:30PM | Station

In keeping with its tradition of encouraging novel music collaborations and pairings, BBIMF is proud to present this new collaboration between Syrian hip-hop crew Latlateh and Lebanese duo Chyno x Al Rajul Al Hadidi.
Chyno x Al Rajul Al Hadidi is the highly successful pairing of hip-hop with drum machines. Groovy beats, hard-hitting basslines and potent lyrics are some of the trademarks of this duo, founded in 2015 by Syrian/Philippino hip-hop artist Chyno (from hip-hop crew Fareeq el Atrash) and Lebanese beat-maker Nabil Saliba aka Al Rajul Al Hadidi.
Watar and Bu Kolthoum formed hip-hop crew Latlateh in Damascus, Syria in 2011. The band’s name comes from the Arabic idea of ‘pep talk’ or ‘street talk’. Latlateh aims to express the yearning of the common people and provide an outlet for ideas and social truths that remain otherwise untold. Their music consists of a finely-honed blend of hip-hop, jazz, soul and classical Arab music. The duo was forced to leave Syria in 2013 due to the ongoing civil war, with band members relocating to Lebanon and France.