Beirut & Beyond | Guest Curators
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Guest Curators

Beirut & Beyond welcomes a different regional musician every year as guest curator of the festival’s programme of concerts, tours and talks. Guest curators bring their own artistic imprint to the festival, allowing for a continuous rejuvenation of the programme, whilst also staying true to the roots of the festival as a showcase of emerging regional acts from across genres, styles and influences.
The 2016 edition is curated by Wael Koudaih (Lebanon) a.k.a. Rayess Bek.

Wael Koudaih (a.k.a. Rayess Bek)

Wael Koudaih was born in Nabatieh, Lebanon in 1979. Since 2002, he goes by the pseudonym “Rayess Bek”. A major Hip Hop and urban music creator and performer in the Arabic speaking world, Wael is an author, composer, and interpreter, who has released seven albums and performed in over 400 concerts worldwide.

In 2014 Wael Koudaih co-directed with Nancy Naous (choreographer) The Third Circle, an installation and a performance based on interviews made in Lebanon with several Muslim scholars, religious leaders and experts in Islamic law.

In 2012, Wael produced Goodbye Schlöndorff, an audio-visual performance that combines intimate messages recorded on cassettes and sent to loved ones in times of war, with short sequences from the film Circle of Deceit and its making-of, directed by Volker Schlöndorff.