Beirut & Beyond | Board of Trustees
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Board of Trustees

Rima Frangieh (Lebanon)
Founder & Director of Ehdeniyat International Festival

Born in Lebanon to a Lebanese father and Iraqi mother, Rima grew up between Beirut and Sydney and was first known as a TV presenter on LBC, interviewing top international music and cinema stars. A very active social, cultural, environmental and humanitarian advocate, since 2004, she founded Al Midan NGO, the North Autism Center, Cinemaiyat Film Festival and Christmas By The Lake amongst others. In 2007 she founded Ehdeniyat International Festival, bringing together, every summer, local and international artists to the beautiful village of Ehden in the north of Lebanon.

Alexandra Archetti Stølen (Norway)
Director of Oslo World Music Festival

Norwegian-Argentinean Alexandra Archetti Stølen has been festival director of Oslo World Music Festival since 2006. Through Oslo World’s partnership with Beirut & Beyond from the onset, Alexandra played an active role in supporting and developing Beirut & Beyond. She is also the initiator of festivals in asylum centers in Oslo and has been the president of the European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals since 2011. For many years, Archetti Stølen was known as one of Norway’s best tango dancers.

Brahim El Mazned (Morocco)
Founder & Director of Visa for Music

Brahim El Mazned is the artistic director of Timitar Festival of World Music, dedicated to promoting the Amazigh culture. He was selected in the Guide to Cultural Diversity « Les Aventuriers de la Culture » as one of the top 100 leaders in sustainable cultural development in the world. He is also on the board of the European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals. Recently, El Mazned founded and organized the first two editions of the first Africa and Middle East Music Meeting, Visa For Music, which is held every November in Rabat (Morocco).

Jumana Al-Yasiri (Iraq/Syria/USA)
MENA Manager of Sundance Institute Theatre Program

Paris-based with Syrian-Iraqi origins, performing arts manager and curator Jumana Al-Yasiri has worked throughout the past 14 years with different organizations and initiatives, such as Damascus Arab Capital of Culture 2008, the Young Arab Theatre Fund, Morgenland Festival Osnabrück, D-CAF in Cairo and Med Culture. In 2015, Al-Yasiri was appointed MENA Manager at the Sundance Institute Theatre Program, co-leading the implementation of the program’s outreach in the Middle East and North Africa. Board Member of the Roberto Cimetta Fund, she is also a regular panellist and writer, focusing on contemporary Arab arts practices and cultural networks.

Ghazi Abdel Baki (Lebanon)
Musician, Manager, Producer

Ghazi Abdel Baki started exploring music at the young age of ten, playing drums, recording sounds of gun battles and creating tunes on his guitar. As a musician, Ghazi recorded his own compositions, but also collaborated with renowned artists locally and internationally. At the core of the independent and underground music scene, Ghazi returned to Lebanon after living in New York, to establish and launch Forward Productions in 2001, recognised as the leading independent label for World Music in the Middle East. In 10 years, Ghazi produced and published more than 30 albums and became a prominent figure in the live music scene in Lebanon and beyond. In 2011, he founded “The Democratic Republic of Music” – DRM, a live concert venue that hosted during its three years of operations more than 350 concerts from all around the world. In 2015, Ghazi released his forth album, “Ghazi Abdel Baki LIVE” gathering many of his live performances.

Soudabeh Kia (France)
World Music Advisor at Theatre De La Ville Paris

Described by Le Monde as a “Musical head-hunter”, Soudabeh Kia is known for introducing European audiences to outstanding acts from the wider region of Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Central Asia such as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Alim Qasimov and Shahram Nazeri. Originally from Iran, Soudabeh brings decades of knowledge in the music hailing from this region and has been, for many years now, world music advisor at Paris’ prestigious Theatre de la Ville.