Beirut & Beyond | BBIMF 2016 Highlights
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BBIMF 2016 Highlights

Thanks to you, BBIMF 2016 was a wonderful success and only made us wish for more. So here’s our 2016 edition in review as we promise you more great music and unforgettable encounters.
Happy 2017!

#BBIMF2016 Photo album
#BBIMF2016 summary videos:
Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4


Palestinian singer Kamilya Jubran held her audience in awe with her fascinating voice and skilful interaction with the brilliant Sarah Murcia (FR) and Werner Hassler (CH)

Mesmerizing Sudanese band Alsarah and the Nubatones masterfully captured the audience throughout their BBIMF concert in STATION

Algerian Oud player Mehdi Haddab, as Speed Caravan (FR/AL) provided an electrifying finish to BBIMF2016 opening night in Metro al Madina

Sheer fun and delirious mayhem with Alo Wala (DK)

Moroccan electro-oriental superstars N3rdistan set BBIMF on fire, mixing traditional Arabic poetry with truly infectious dance beats

BBIMF2016 closed in style to a full house in STATION with Rayess Bek and La Mirza’s captivating performance Love & Revenge


BBIMF 2016 gathered more than 70 local and international music professionals – from Meet & Greet at the Food Dealer

An orphaned music: Arab music and the lack of infrastructure – public discussion, Dar el Nimer for Arts & Culture

Tunisian electronic ensemble GHOULA in residency in Onomatopoeia prior to their superb BBIMF2016 concert

You are what you sing: Music and Identity – public discussion, Dar el Nimer for Arts & Culture

Meet the artists: 10 selected artists pitched their music projects to BBIMF 2016 professional guests


It was an amazing experience. The unbelievable energy that is around and the artistic talents that are everywhere to be found!
I was blessed to be part of the program
Vous offrez de l'espoir et du bonheur à une jeunesse assoiffée de culture et de musique! Merci à vous d'exister et de changer notre monde au quotidien!
Thanks for everything Beirut & Beyond. Live long and prosperous. I will be back to recharge my soul next year!
Quel bonheur ce festival! Nous reviendrons quand vous voulez!
Thank you for making such an important contribution to the independent and alternative music industry in the Arab world. BBIMF 2016 has lifted people's ambitions to the next level!


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