Beirut & Beyond | About
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About Beirut & Beyond

Dedicated to promoting the Arab region’s independent music with emphasis on strong artistic merit, Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival was founded in 2013 in partnership with Oslo World Music Festival. With only two editions – under the artistic direction of co-founder Khaled Yassine – the festival succeeded at positioning itself as a key player on the map of regional festivals and showcases.

Every December, four days of showcases present carefully selected acts in Beirut and neighbouring cities to the general public and invited music professionals. A professional programme of debates, workshops and lectures, featuring experienced industry figures, explores issues pertinent to the development of the independent music industry in Lebanon and the Arab world
As a platform for meetings, showcases and exchange, the festival encourages networking to sow the seeds for future opportunities. It is inevitably a response to the urgent needs of a bustling state of artistic production, which is hardly matched by an infrastructure that drives it to more sustainable grounds.

Today, Beirut & Beyond is directed by co-founder Amani Semaan and welcomes a different regional artist every year as guest curator of the festival. The 2016 edition is curated by Wael Koudaih (Lebanon) a.k.a Rayess Bek.